Moving Beyond Basic Capability Maturity Assessments was presented by Mark Wallace from Blue Zoo at a Information Systems Security and Audit Association (ISACA) professional development event in September 2015.

The presentation aims to provide you with some more advanced as well as lesser known applications of maturity assessments, using practical examples from real projects undertaken by Blue Zoo, or subscribers to their capability maturity SaaS platform (


Maturity modelling is an excellent way of evaluating an organisation’s current performance in any discipline area. It exposes the strengths and weaknesses within an organisation, thereby providing evidence to shape improvement, narrowing the scope of activities, and focusing energy.

Generally speaking, most organisations are comfortable with the basic premise behind conducting a maturity assessment, and have been exposed to the process and outcomes before either through external consultants, oversight bodies, or internally driven.

The presentation covers concepts such as:

  1. Quality -better capability determination
  2. Assessing federated entities for broader and better contrasting perspectives
  3. Author your own models and best practice cherry picking
  4. Advanced scoring models
  5. Knowledge retention and dynamic capability building/acceleration
  6. Strengthening quality of self assessment processes
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About the Author:

Mark is an Executive Director and founding owner of corporate advisory practice Blue Zoo with extensive experience in Governance, Strategy and Risk. A highly motivated and energetic leader, Mark is accountable Blue Zoo’s global operations.