World Economic Forum Global Technology Risks for 2015

According to the World Economic Forum’s global risk perspectives survey for 2015, information and infrastructure resilience and cyber security continue to dominate the global technology risk landscape.

What is really interesting is the perception that those risks have intensified in the past 12 months.  No doubt this reflects both the growing sophistication of cyber attacks and the rise of hyperconnectivity i.e. all kinds of physical objects being web enabled to make up the ‘Internet of Things’, along with personal data.

The challenge with so many devices connected to the Internet other than computers, is they tend to be less adequately protected…….look out for the ‘thingbot’ coming your way (yeah that’s a thing now apparently, no pun intended).

If your organisation doesn’t have a clear strategy and strong practices in place for technology resilience and protecting critical information, then this is good reminder to bump it up your priorities list for 2015.

The 2015 edition of the Global Risks report completes a decade of highlighting the most significant long-term risks worldwide, drawing on the perspectives of experts and global decision-makers. Well worth checking out here:

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