New hands-on boardroom training to equip directors to better tackle a top business risk.

AICD launches Cyber Security Course for Boards and Executives

In our rapidly changing world, organisations face new cyber security threats and opportunities. Cyber security is a top business risk that requires Board focus. In fact, the Australian government has elevated it to the national agenda with a cyber security strategy. Blue Zoo has done something about this.

In collaboration with Data61 and AICD, Blue Zoo has developed the Cyber for Directors course. The training will be available in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart.

New training for directors includes creating strategy against mock cyberattack

Blue Zoo has a long pedigree translating the complexities of technology into pragmatic guidance for Executives and Directors and fit-for-purpose governance controls. Our experience spans across a wide range of industry verticals, governments, charities and associations, and small businesses.

A key value add Blue Zoo built into the Cyber for Directors course was a session to reinforce all the learning by having the attendees build a Cyber Security Strategy for a fictitious organisation.

Encouraging feedback from Cyber for Directors pilot

The pilot session feedback highlighted the importance of Directors and Executives feeling empowered to apply their existing skills and organisational governance tools to the cyber world.  Months of research and input from a wide range of key cyber industry thought leaders identified a number of highly effective techniques for governing cyber in a practical and pragmatic way.

Organisations have been doing ‘ICT security’ for decades but often with an ICT focus. Broadening the awareness and approach with the Board, Executive and business partners has often been a challenge.

Recent regulatory changes and the increasing threat profile to organisations as a whole has put the challenge of cyber on everyone’s agenda.

Connecting the ICT security team, Board, Executive and business partners is a unique challenge. Blue Zoo is a recognised leader in this field, and has been applying pragmatic solutions with positive results in this field since 2006.

If better cyber security governance is in your ‘to do’ tray, perhaps we could help point the way.

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About the Author:

Jason is an Executive Director and founding owner of corporate advisory practice Blue Zoo with extensive experience in Governance, Strategy and Risk.