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We are a strategic performance consultancy helping organisations to analyse and build the right capabilities for sustainable success.


Our services pillars represent the core competencies of great businesses, each required in appropriate balance to deliver lasting performance.

Embracing good governance is about having the processes and culture in place for making and implementing effective decisions. Our advisors specialise in building well-governed businesses that deliver lasting performance.

Our Consulting Includes:

Corporate Governance, Benchmarking, CompliancePeople Governance (Integrity, Workplace Health and Safety), Policy and Standards, and ICT Governance.

The twin hallmarks of strategic planning are the size of decisions and their long term significance. We can help unlock possibilities by creating a clear direction with measurable outcomes, and a blueprint for achieving it.
Successful risk management is a living and dynamic process that is embedded and recognised by everyone simply as ‘the way we do business’. It is an integral management practice and essential for good governance.
Sustainability has become a key issue for organisations and their role in future prosperity. Long term thinking is required to retain customers, differentiate from competitors and develop a robust and sustainable organisation.